Never Miss Another Website Lead Again

You spend thousands of dollars every month driving traffic to your website. Yet, the average dealer converts less than 5% of those Shoppers. Abandoned Shoppers gives you instant access to the other 95%.

Abandoned Shoppers proprietary software captures the unique identifiers of your website Shoppers desktop, tablet or cell phone.  We scrub the ID’s against over 600 million permissible, opt-in data records capturing and matching  up to 40% of your Shoppers personal data.

Abandoned Shoppers captures your website Shoppers name, address, email, compliant telephone and distance from your dealership within seconds of landing on your website.

 Abandoned Shoppers data is captured in “real time”, extrapolated programmatically and stored in a custom dealer dashboard.

Abandoned Shoppers instantly sends a branded email and text message to website Shoppers within seconds on landing on your website.




Abandoned Shoppers captures the personal data (name, address, email address, compliant telephone) of your website shoppers in real time.



Abandoned Shoppers sends an instant text and email message to the Shoppers within seconds of landing on your website.



Abandoned Shoppers tracks your Shoppers website site journey capturing the pages viewed, VDP’s and more.

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With the custom dealer dashboard, you can instantly download and manage your Shopper data with the click of a mouse.